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20 Low Budget Business Ideas For Teens & Young Entrepreneurs

20 Low Budget Business Ideas For Teens & Young Entrepreneurs


What business should you do as a teen or young entrepreneur? Or what are the Best Business Ideas For Teens? Or what businesses are available for teenagers? 

Are these questions bothering you? 

As a teenager, it is better to have your own business, earn money, and become independent for your desires. But, all these desires can be blurred if there is no idea about what business to start?  

So, we come up with excellent Business Ideas For Teenagers. You will collect the best ideas for low costs businesses till the end of this blog. So, read this blog carefully. 

However, before we start, let’s go through the following major points to make a good business idea for teenagers. 

How To Convert A Good Business Idea Into Great Business For Teenagers?

You have to go through some criteria, which helps make a business easier for teens to run. After all, you have to collect all the necessary resources and follow a disciplinary or strict schedule. Therefore, the following things will guide you for your business start-ups. 

Easy To Access 

As per the age of the teens or teenagers, an essential part is transportation. Such teens who cannot drive or only learn to drive should go with a home-based business idea, and it will be much easier to access a business from your doorstep. What do you say? 

Decide Flexible Hours For Working

Most adults start side hustling, and teens are working full-time while commencing a business. While schooling is not a job, it still takes almost eight to ten hours of each working day, including extracurricular activities.

Therefore, business ideas should have flexible working hours so that teens can work according to their schedules. They can also decide their working hours in the evenings or weekends so that it will not disturb their studies. 

Financial Capital Investment

Capital investment includes cash and other initial assets like furniture and fixtures, vehicles, and more. (Initial investments like above will be needed if you start your business at another place, excluding home or starting a large-scale business).

While most business owners do not use even a single penny for their business. Also, teens will have finite cash and minimum outsourced financing. 

Therefore, you should select the business ideas that need low initial investment because low investment is key to success. It means if you need fewer things to run a business, you will need less to buy before starting a business. 

After this, it is time to move on to our main topic of getting the best business ideas for teens. 

20 Best Small Business Ideas For Teens

There are many business ideas for teens to choose from. You can start on online platforms like blogging, web designing, and more. We will discuss them in detail from the following.

1. Start Blogging!

Anyone can start blogging whether they are under 18 or plus 18. They only need a topic to enjoy and write about. It is one of the best business ideas because they can commence blogging on many online sites for free. But read the below ways to make money from blogging. 

  • You can start freelancing on any online site by contacting them. 
  • Earn the commissions as per the referrals by using the Affiliate links. 
  • You can earn cryptos through blogging on Publish0x.
  • When you start allowing Google to sell ads on your site, you can get earnings also. 

So, in this way, blogging can help you earn money as a teen. Therefore, start your blogging and be independent. 

2. Do Web Designing

What is a funny way to earn some money? Surely, web designing! Most business owners run their organizations, but a few of them lack proper technical knowledge. As a result, they search for tech-savvy professionals. Thus, it becomes the best-earning source of the whole US. 

You know what? As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US expects web designing to increase by 13%, and the average pay is over $77k. So, start a career in web designing and earn as per your choice.

3. Graphic Designing

The other easy-to-start business is “Graphic Designing.” It creates brilliant artwork and product information for firms, including a blog, website, product packaging, and marketing materials. You can see that various types of graphic design are available in the market to choose from. 

As a teen, you need some money for your spending. Therefore, you should choose graphic designing as another best way to earn money, and it keeps you ready for your future. 

4. Photography

Who does not want to capture the nature vibes in their cameras? Everyone wants to, but only a few can capture the beauty of nature as it requires excellent photography skills. So. If you can capture them, you should choose photography as your career option.

It is because products photography and wedding photography are now in trend to earn money. But remember that only better lenses can capture this beauty. So, if you want to buy better lenses for your cameras, go with renting lenses. 

Also, if there is nothing you want to do despite the photography, you can choose photography as a career option. Likewise, it will help you with your earnings. 

5. Become A Tutor 

Most people do not like math, science, and a few more subjects like history. But, if you are good in these subjects, tutoring is a great option to start making money. It is seen that most tutors earn $25 per hour for tutoring, and a few can get up to $80 an hour. 

For this, you can start searching for students or can apply on another best site to render your services. 

6. Babysitting

Most families with kids need a babysitter from time to time. Whether they need someone for an hour, every day, weekly, or monthly, you can make money by watching their kids. You can tell your parents to inform their colleagues, print your business cards, and get your clients immediately. 

We suggest babysitting because most people have experienced it at some point in their lives. So, you can earn money through this kind of business where you need a low cash investment only to print your cards. 

7. Be A DJ

Do you like to become a DJ? Well, a few of us want to play those mixers for turntables in such a way that everyone insists on dancing. 

Therefore, they have to learn to play mixers and different types of music and songs to become professional. Today, every teen knows about Martin Garrix, who started from 21, and now his worth is $35 million. 

So, start your career as a DJ, and earn Millions after gaining professional knowledge in the music field. 

8. Start A Delivery Services! 

Today food delivery industries are getting popular with companies like Uber Eats and more. Therefore, it becomes easier for people to order and get the delivery on time. 

As a result, it is one of the best businesses for teens to earn a supplementary income by delivering the items. So, you can start your courier service business activities where you get orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers. 

9. Decorating Business

If you love decorating with flowers and other DIY tools, occasions, or holiday decorations is the Best Business To Start. For a few holidays, most people or business owners hire decorative professionals like 

  • New Year’s Party decoration
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration
  • Halloween Parties
  • Thanksgiving social gatherings
  • Christmas 
  • 31st Night Celebration, and many more.

It helps teens focus on their other activities and encourages them to earn. Therefore, you should start earning through decoration if your decoration skills are best. 

10. Car Washing 

One of the best ways to earn money is by car washing. It is not only an easy way to make money through car washing, but it is also the best time to pass. You can use a machine to wash a car automatically.

However, the initial investment for machines can be avoided in this business. You can start your advertising by adding Instagram stories or posts and WhatsApp status to gain customers. 

A few people love cleaning; therefore, such teens should start thinking about the earnings through car washing. 

11. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent option that does not need any type of initial investment to start a business. Only a net balance is enough! Don’t you think? 

Any type of business can take advantage of social media platforms to advertise their product or services and earn. Also, it is assumed that it helps to connect with your targeted audiences, grow your business, and attract new clients. Isn’t this exciting?

Most people use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Therefore, you only have to post content daily to provide every piece of information about your business. Plus, the easiest way of social media strategy is to post a picture of your activities or share motivational messages. 

So, in this way, you can choose Social Media Marketing strategies to earn money regularly. 

12. Professional Data Entry

Teenagers need to learn about spreadsheets and data entry for small or large business organizations. It will help you earn money through the data entry work of an organization. Also, you can learn a few new skills and get flexible hours of working as per your schedule in this form of business. 

13. Be A Innovative Cake Maker

Students start their business from high school time. One of the suitable business forms for them is cake baking and other food-related items. Most people love to make, decorate, and bake cakes. 

Such people can start their business of making a cake for customers and earning money. You can also make a website for your cake business and offer them the best customization options as per their choice (flavor, toppings, shape, size, and more).

14. Start a Landscaping Business!

Who loves gardening and landscaping? You must have a question mark in your mind; where does it come from? 

Most of us are familiar with the Gardner, but not with the landscaper. So, who is the Landscaper? Did you hear about landscaping? A landscaper is a designer, builder, and garden maintainer of gardens and landscaping areas.

This business is not for every teen because it takes time and creativity to design a garden perfectly. So, only a few people can depend on this kind of business, and it is a distinct area with many chances for gardening lovers. 

To get better garden design ideas for this type of work, you can see a few YouTube videos related to this. Also, we would like to add that you should go with such a business type only if you are interested in it. Or you can go with the other mentioned business ideas of this blog to start earning as per your desire.

15. Proofreader

A proofreader is also an amazing post to work in an organization or start your business as a proofreader. Many people wanted to ensure that their writings should be correct for grammar, sentence formations, and more. 

Therefore, you can charge a fee to work for them as proofreaders. On top of that, if you are studying in high school, there are many clients you can get, and it will help you earn money from one place only. 

16. Art Teachings

The best work, fun, and exciting thing for an art lover are making a creative art piece. But, what if your art techniques work as an earning source for you? It is possible if you start to take art classes. See the following points for providing art lessons and earning amounts from them. 

  • You can use your materials or tools for your art lessons. 
  • You should create a space to teach from. 
  • You should use social media platforms or create a website to reach your students. 

You can start group sessions when your business grows up or start giving more than one lesson a day. Therefore, it is amongst the best small business ideas for teens. 

17. Game Live Streaming

In today’s era, most teens are enjoying their different gaming experiences. So, there are no donuts that you can earn money from the Livestream Gaming activities. But, how?

When the gamers play video games and are live for the audiences it is called Live Streaming of games. It comes with two options – professional streams (done by professional gamers only) and non-professional Livestream (done by players).

Unprofessional streams use YouTube or Twitch to stream themselves to play games. Professional courses take place on platforms Twitch or YouTube Gaming. 

To get an advanced gaming experience, better quality with professional graphics and sound effects are available on professional platforms. 

Besides that, you can host competitions for sponsorship programs and give prizes.

18. Be A Music Teacher!

Everyone loves music! Therefore, it is also one of the best ways to start a new business and earn money through it. You should provide such a service that provides music lessons to any person of any age.

Most people choose to learn these music lessons face to face, and a few learn through online video chats. Choose your comfortable way to teach music lessons.

If you want to provide online classes and earn money, you can start it by creating youtube channels.  

19. Clowns 

You may have seen clowns at parties, events, haunted houses, and other occasions. Don’t you understand what we are talking about? 

A person who entertains everyone with their juggling or magic tricks in the events, parties, or other functions is called Clown. Yes, you guessed it right! 

You must try to make your character and entertain people starting from your family and friends. You can develop skills and magic tricks by watching YouTube videos and practicing them to entertain people. 

After learning this, you should search for local gatherings and chances such as children’s birthday parties and more to work. Also, don’t forget to take the feedback from your audiences which will help you find your loopholes and work on them. 

20. Provide Handy Laundry Services

Last but not least is the laundry business option. It is also an excellent way of making money. The busiest people look for someone else to do their laundry and feel happy to get the ready-made laundry clothes. 

In the starting stage, you have to check for your customers. But, when your business grows, you need a place for your clients to drop and pick their clothes. Further, you may need a washer and a dryer to serve the clients in the case of ironing, washing, and drying.  

Also, you need the supplies like detergent, fabric softener, bleach powder, and more. After this, you can start marketing to more people in the nearby areas.

So, this is it! The above all are our best suggestions for a teenager to start a business and earn money. Also, consider the following points when starting a business as a teen. 

Considerable Points On How To Start A Business As A Teenager

It is not about how you can start a business as a teenager but about a few points to consider when starting a business. 

  • If you are below 18 years, you may need your parents’ permission and help start the business lawfully. 
  • If that happens, ensure that you trust the people signing the agreement to be truthful and fair. Many lives have been ruined by greedy parents. So, don’t ensure that you will get the credit for your doing. 
  • Use your available resources to increase the skills and level of the experiment. 
  • Teens know very well that the whole era depends on social media marketing for any type of business. As a result, you should start making your posts or status as a social media influencer. It will help your business to grow and earn. 
  • Mouth advertising is another best form of getting your clients. Just after a commencement, make sure you are doing your mouth advertising for your business activities. 

In the end, if you have commenced a business as a teenager, share your experiences with us. We are waiting for you there!


Practical experiences are most beneficial to live a happy life, and business is one of the best sources to get such experiences. Also, it becomes better to earn independently and spend your money on the things you like.

So, if you are a teenager and planning for a business but not getting any better ideas, stop there. You can check this article for 20 business ideas to earn in your free time, along with studies. 

  • Blogging
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Tutoring
  • Babysitting
  • DJ
  • Delivery Services
  • Decorating Business
  • Car Washing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Cakemaker
  • Landscaping 
  • Proofreader
  • Start Art Teachings
  • Livestream Gaming
  • Music Lessons
  • Clowns
  • Laundry Services

In these above all businesses, you do not need a huge amount as an initial investment. People start their businesses with low capital also. Besides that, we have a few things that make good Business Ideas for Teenagers, along with the considerable points on how to start a business as a teenager. 

So, in the end, we consider that you have chosen a business type to go further with. If not, you can also think about the loan shark, sign spinner, caricature artist, Ice cream cart, and more. We hope you will get the best business type as per your choice and start your earnings as soon as possible.


Rachel Hammond

Professional Blogger