Babymoon: What is and What is the Best Destination For It?

Babymoon: What is and What is the Best  Destination For It?

What is a Babymoon?

Let’s kick off by answering the question: “What is a Babymoon” to be on the same page. Well, Babymoon is the period during pregnancy when the soon-to-be parents set aside to connect before childbirth. The most efficient way to bond better as a couple is to go for a vacation.

Top 10 Babymoon Ideas / Destinations For You

What has been your dream vacation destination since childhood? Worry not, as we’ll share the Best Babymoon Ideas if none comes to mind now. Below are the most highly-rated babymoon destinations.

1. San Diego, USA

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Statistics show that 35 million tourists visit San Diego every year. That’s a testament to the fact that San Diego has a lot to offer. Firstly, SD tops the list of cities in the US with the most beautiful beaches such as the Mission and Pacific beaches.

Therefore, couples can visit these beautiful and calm beaches for some good time. Apart from that, you can visit the famous Seaport Village to ships floating and equally see mind-blowing artwork.

Your Baby moon will be incomplete before you go cruising and watch whales at a small fee of $85.

2. Omni Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale

Image Credit – Omni Hotels & Resorts

There’s no way any couple would not consider visiting Baby moon accommodation facilities in Scottsdale. Here, you’ll get the best wellness treatment at the reputable Omni Scottsdale Resort. That’s not all you’ll equally get a professional massage at the popular Joya SPA from massage therapists.

After that, you may want to go swimming at the nearby pools at no additional charge. Later on, you can go shopping for a few souvenirs with your soulmate.

3. Sedona in Arizona

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A Baby moon is the best time to spend your time with your soulmate. You can enjoy some amazing music during your road trip to Sedona. Thereafter you can get the best massage treatment at the SPA.

You won’t believe that the resort will only charge you $150 for an unlimited massage session. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy the most sumptuous meals during your stay at Sedona.

4. Monterey County in California

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Monterey County is famous for having the quietest and most beautiful beaches such as Pebble and Carmel Beach. Since the resort is pet-friendly, you can walk your dog with your partner on the beautiful sand beach.

Apart from that, you can go whale watching at a meager fee of $75 per person. Nobody will stop you from visiting the boxing training center to watch boxing enthusiasts get trained. There’s no reason why you should end your tour before visiting the Cannery Row Monument.

5. NYC in New York

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There’s no better way to start your Baby moon than by visiting Mohonk Mountain House for a professional massage. After that, you can go for an unforgettable warm-water indoor swimming at the same house as married partners.

Your pregnant partner will get the best maternity massage from a highly experienced massage therapist. New York Ritz tops the list of the Best Babymoon Destinations as it has every luxurious facility imaginable. Firstly, you’ll get multiple packages for two such as meals and accommodation.

Not to add that you’ll get assistants who are always at your service if need be.

6. Big Sur in California

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Most couples troop the famous Post Ranch Inn as it guarantees a special experience. Firstly, this gem is adjacent to the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean. That implies that you get the best chase to go whale and shark watching.

Aside from that, you can go for SPA treatment by professionals at a small fee. Massage is especially beneficial to pregnant women as it lowers the risk of edema. You’re free to enjoy some yoga sessions with your pregnant wife. 

The best way to end the day is to stargaze with your partner at dusk.

7. St. Lucia Caribbean

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You can never go wrong with the highly-rated Coconut Bay Beach in St. Lucia. Here you’ll get to enjoy numerous facilities such as outdoor furniture, a fireplace, among others. As if that’s not enough, the resort has the best cooks that prepare mouth-watering meals for the customers.

The resort offers the most delicious Asian, Caribbean, and Italian dishes. You’re free to surf with your partner as you relax, seated by the fireplace in the evening. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Coconut Bay Beach has private beaches for couples.

8. Oaxaca, México

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Oaxaca is among the few Mexican cities with the Best Hotels such as Casina, NaNa Vida, and Hacienda. Couples get free fast-speed internet, free parking, complimentary food and drinks. NaNa Vida hotels offer meaningful cooking classes at a small additional fee.

Luckily, some hotels have business facilities such as a business center. Therefore, you can monitor your business while on vacation with your partner. Thanks to airport shuttle services, it’s easy to access most of these 5-star hotels.

9. Naples Grande Beach Resort in Florida

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The Naples Grande Beach Resort has unique features like a SPA and a salon. Therefore, you can visit the SPA shop for a relaxing deep-tissue massage with your man. Do you like meditating? Apples Grand Beach Resort has the most top-class meditation lounge.

Later, you can take your lover to the beautiful hair and nail salon in the same resort for professional hair services. Spare some time to visit the 8000 square feet fitness center for some exercises.

Don’t hesitate to request a trainer to guide your wife through pregnancy-friendly exercises. Are you a water sports fan? You’re free to enjoy some relaxing water sports at this expansive resort. You can end your day by going for a movie night.

10. Royal Palms Resort in Arizona

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Royal Palms is one of the few pet-friendly resorts in Phoenix, Arizona. Couples who come for their Baby moon here enjoy multiple amenities such as free Wi-Fi, ATM, and high-quality meals. Do you have a child? Relax, as the Royal Palms Resorts offer cheap babysitting services.

Feel free to go for a short walking tour with your spouse. Therefore, you can enjoy the sun on the outside furniture. Visitors get to access cheap and secure parking for as little as $23 per day. Your day is incomplete until you visit the SPA lounge for a professional massage.

Visitors get to access many other facilities such as:

  1. Fitness Center
  2. Jacuzzis
  3. Yoga Lounge
  4. Steam Rooms
  5. Locker Room
  6. Outdoor Furniture
  7. Business Center

How To Book A Babymoon Destination?

Nowadays, couples can book any of the mentioned hotels in advance. For example, you can book on platforms such as We advise that you book your reservation weeks in advance to enjoy lower rates.

Last-minute hotel bookings attract the harshest rates. The exciting news is that most platforms guarantee the safety of your credit card information.

Impressive Hotel Deals For Perfect Babymoon Destination

Every couple prefers the most budget-friendly destination for apparent reasons. Luckily for you, most of these restaurants offer the most attractive deals to their guests. Some of these irresistible deals include:

1. Free Internet

85 percent of these Baby moon destinations offer their customers free public Wi-Fi. You have no reason to avoid it as it’s not only secure but also fast-speed.

2. Cheap Parking

None of these destinations doesn’t offer cheap parking to their guests. Couples can access private parking for as low as $23 per day. You’ll be relieved to find out that you don’t have to seek a reservation in advance.

3. Free Access To A Fitness Center

If you’ve enrolled for a gym membership before, you know how pricey it is. The encouraging news is that you can access a fully-equipped fitness center in any of these resorts for free.

4. Discounts

Most Babymoon destinations like Royal Palms and Naples Grande Beach Resorts give discounts periodically. In most cases, the hotels offer accommodation deals during the holiday season. You can save more than $150 especially if you make a reservation earlier.

5. Affordable SPA Treatment

More often than not, massage therapists charge their clients at least $85 per hour for a deep maternal massage. On the contrary, most Baby moon hotels will only charge you $150 for a full maternal SPA treatment. The interesting part is that you get these services from the best therapist ever.

When To Take A Babymoon?

Most couples have difficulty timing when to go for a Babymoon. Obstetricians always advise couples to go for this vacation around 18 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. However, that isn’t to suggest that you will be immune to any pregnancy complications.

Travel Budget For ‘Babymoon’

There’s no standard travel budget for a Baby moon. Factually speaking, the cost will depend on multiple factors such as the location, travel duration, and means of transport. For example, international travel may attract a higher budget.

On average, most couples spend at least $1500 for a week’s long Babymoon. However, it’s brilliant to set aside a slightly higher budget to be safe.

9 Helpful Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Babymoon

1. Time Wisely

It’s medically risky to go for a Babymoon either at the beginning or at the end of your pregnancy. More often than not, expectant women may experience mild morning sickness during this period. Thus, we encourage you to time between 18 to 28 weeks of your pregnancy.

2. Consult Your Doctor

We strongly opine that you talk to your doctor before deciding to go for a Babymoon. The doctor may need to screen the pregnancy and advise you accordingly. You wouldn’t want to develop any pregnancy complications while out for a short vacation.

3. Budget in Advance

Some couples make rush last-minute decisions to go for a Babymoon without considering the immense financial ramifications. We encourage you to research in advance and select a budget-friendly destination which is offering vacation deals.

4. Select A Suitable Destination

Your Babymoon experience can’t be memorable unless you choose a good destination. Pick out a place that will appeal to both of you. Apart from that, research about the place in advance to find out about the available facilities and deals.

5. Prepare For Unexpected Medical Emergencies

The late Samuel Lover was right to say better late than sorry. Technically, a medical emergency can occur unexpectedly, especially during the late pregnancy stages. Therefore, it’s more judicious to choose a vacation destination that is closest to a medical facility.

6. Travel Requirements

A couple needs to research the international travel requirements. For example, the destination country authority may demand some vaccinations. In such a case, it’s highly prudent to consult your doctor before it gets too late. If the doctor advises against vaccination, feel free to choose a different vacation destination.

7. Carry Warm Clothes And Light Shows

No couple would want to fall sick when out for a vacation. For this reason, we advise that you pack the right attire for the journey. Additionally, the couple, especially the expectant lady, must be as comfortable as possible.

8. Things To Do

All soon-to-be parents need to take into consideration what they’ll do together at the destination. For instance, if you’d like to sunbathe together, beaches suit you perfectly. You need to settle for a destination that has all the facilities you need.

9. Climate

We strongly oppose the idea of visiting a destination whose climate is totally different from yours. For instance, if you’re used to warming weather, it’s imprudent to visit snow-prone locations. It’s pointless to endanger the health of your unborn child in the name of a vacation.

Benefits of Going For a Babymoon

A. Helps Couple Bond Better

Relationship experts advise couples to spend time together to know each other better. Lovers get to bond even much more when they do fun-filled activities together.

B. Relieves Stress

Pregnancy can be a stressful experience, especially for first-time moms. A Babymoon presents a perfect opportunity to de-stress. Staying away from the same stressful environment can play a pivotal role in lowering one’s stress level.

C. Enhanced Happiness

Nothing triggers happiness faster than doing a fun-filled activity with a loved one. Pregnant mothers tend to be in low spirits at the initial and final stages of the pregnancy. That explains why most couples go on vacation during this period.

D. Boosts The Relationship

A Babymoon gives lovers a rare chance to explore and travel together. Consequently, the couple gets to bond with each other on a deeper level. A strong relationship is especially fundamental when preparing to welcome a newborn.

E. Parenting Planning

The best time to come up with a parenting plan for your unborn baby is during a Babymoon. Most destinations offer a quiet and serene environment for couples. Consequently, you can discuss with your partner the best way to raise the child once she delivers.

Final Thoughts

It’s impossible to travel soon after a baby is born for apparent reasons. Therefore, it’s much more sensible to go for a Babymoon as a couple. Thanks to incredible Babymoon hotel deals, you don’t need to be a multimillionaire to afford a perfect baby moon vacation.


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