What is American Hope Resources? How Does It Help Families?

What is American Hope Resources? How Does It Help Families?

What is American Hope Resources?

American Hope Resources is a non-profit company founded in 2016 with a current membership of 700. Today, the organization has over 27 employees working for them. The company aims at helping hardship victims as long as they currently live in the United States.

American Hope Resources

How To Sign Up To American Hope Resources?

Kindly visit American Hope Resources to sign up for this international organization. Once you get to the website, click the ‘Sign Up for Free’ option. The first step is to select your housing status at the moment.

Here are the options available for you:

  1. Homeowner
  2. Homeless but in a shelter
  3. Living with an ally or a relative
  4. Renting

Once you choose your housing status, click on ‘Next’ and proceed with the registration process. The terrific news is that AHR won’t charge you any money to register yourself with them.

What Are Eligibility Criteria For ‘American Hope Resources’?

AHR exists to empower any victim of hardship financially and their families. For instance, the organization may enhance your family income to help you get by for some time.

However, you must meet the stipulated requirements as below:

  1. The hardship victim must be a legal US resident
  2. You must be in a severe hardship

AHR(American Hope Resources) Grant

Ordinarily, most people approach banks for loans whenever they face a financial crunch. However, that may not be a wise move especially; since most banks offer secured loans. Thankfully, AHR gives grants to people who have fallen on hard times.

The following are the major types of the American Hope Resources Grant you may qualify for:

1. Abilities Fund

AHR offers this grant to hardship victims with special needs. In most cases, the American Hope Resources give this grant to help such victims comfortably prepare for work.

2. Single Family Housing Repair Loans And Grants

The second grant is the single-family housing repair loans and grants intended for rural area residents. American Hope Resources will only approve your grant request if you meet the set requirements in full.

3. GovLoans

As you can rightly guess, Govloans are government loans intended to help to suffer US citizens. Frequently, the government renders these loans, especially after a disaster strikes. For example, you may request such a loan after a natural calamity such as a flood, drought, among others.

Membership Benefits of American Hope Resources

A) Free Walmart Gift Card

AHR offers a $100 gift card to deserving household victims. Therefore, you can get household items such as clothes, toiletries among others.

B) Benefits For Senior AHR Members

Unlike most countries, the US has many NGOs to support senior citizens. Fortunately, AHR is one of the best organizations that give grants to qualified senior citizens (US residents above 65 years).

C) $1000 Cheques

The National Consumer Center in partnership with AHR provides checks to eligible members.

D) Pays School Fees

Have you fallen on hard times and can’t afford to pay school fees? Count yourself lucky as AHR can bail you out. Additionally, the organization is ready to meet other education-related expenses such as books and food.

How Do American Hope Resources Help Families?

There’s no other organization that is more committed to lessening human suffering, than AHR. Let me run through some of the ways through which the organization aids families.

AHR Provides Shelter

If you’re homeless, you can reach out to AHR for immediate assistance. It may interest you to know that housing depends on your family size.

Health Care Aid

It’s not in doubt that healthcare bills are too costly, especially for low-income earners in the US. However, that is not to insinuate that poor Americans have no right to healthcare. AHR doesn’t mind paying bills for suffering families.

Food Aid

Food and water are among the most basic needs for human survival. However, sometimes life can be so cruel as to deprive you of such necessities. Luckily, AHR provides food aid to families to alleviate their pain.

Is American Hope Resources Legit?

If you’re hearing AHR for the first time, the first probable question must be is American Hope Resources legit? Technically, AHR is a legitimate non-profit making organization registered with the serial number 86631169.

American Hopes Resources Budget

You won’t believe that AHR spends an estimated $1.5 billion yearly to help suffering families. Studies show that the organizations support millions of families in the US that desperately need humanitarian assistance.


Is American Hope Resources (AHR) Strictly For Female Hardship Victims?

No, it’s not! AHR is an organization that helps all hardship victims. It doesn’t discriminate against anybody based on age, gender, or skin color. You’ll get the help you need as long as you meet the eligibility criteria in place.

How Much Is Membership Fee For AHR?

AHR doesn’t charge any fee for their membership. If you’d like to join the program, you’re at liberty to sign up for free.

Which Criteria Will AHR Use To Determine Whether I Qualify For Assistance?

As already discussed, the American Hope Resource has an elaborate eligibility criterion. For example, you’ll have to be residing in the United States to be eligible for this program. Secondly, you need to prove that you’re experiencing hardship.

I’d Like To Visit The AHR Office, Where Are Their Headquarters?

The Head office of American Hope Resources is in Westlake Village in California. Therefore, you can pay them a visit if need be.

Bottom Line

Nobody can dispute that there are scammers that masquerade as charitable organizations for helping the needy. Rest easy, as you can rely on the American Hope Resources for assistance when hardship strikes.


Rachel Hammond

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