20 Finest Things To Do in San Marcos, Texas

20 Finest Things To Do in San Marcos, Texas

#1. Rio Vista Park and Rio Vista Dam: 555 Cheatham St, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Rio Vista Park and Rio Vista Dam

The Rio Vista Park allows visitors access to the San Marcos River, which is one of the most fun places for anyone visiting the area. It is easily accessible with zero reservations and no fees, and gives you one of the best things to do in San Marcos. Other than fishing and swimming, you can enjoy other fun exercises at this spot including kayaking, boating, canoeing, tubing, and paddle-boarding among other activities.

Besides the Rio Vista River, you will enjoy sights like the Sacramento River. It’s a perfect fishing spot and you can relish the view while taking in the scenery. San Marcos is also home to the breath-taking Three-Mile Slough Draw Bridge. It’s a wonderful spot to chill and enjoy the surroundings. Bikers also love it! Don’t leave this amazing 1930s Classic Steel hive out of your itinerary whenever you plan a visit to San Marcos Texas.

#2. Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park: 1000 Prospect St, San Marcos, TX 78666-4096

Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park

Are you in San Marcos with your entire family and looking for the perfect fun packed spot? Wonder World Cave and Adventure is just the place! You will love all the family friendly activities you can enjoy and the refreshing feeling that comes with the whole experience. The guides will give you a lively tour through the caves, allowing you to experience prehistoric life.

They have a train that takes you to the zoo and have you enjoy the Texas wildlife petting zoo. They offer it for a fee if you don’t have your own feed. Other fun activities to enjoy at this tourist attraction site include the observation tower and the Anti-Gravity House, Both of which are great for photography.

#3. San Marcos River

San Marcos River

Playing at the San Marcos River is one of the best things to do on your next trip to Texas. This is one of the best activities to take on while in San Marcos, especially because it is not governed by seasons. You can access the river all year round and the water is always at 72 degrees. So it does not matter whether it’s June or November, the water feels just as good in both months.

The River bubbles up from numerous sprints right at the town center, creating a beautiful view. The Meadows Center has a Glass-Bottom Boat Tour that allows you a view of this beautiful scenery. Besides, you can enjoy all sorts of water sports and recreational activities at the river, including surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, tubing, and many more.

#4. Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing: 1841 Airport Dr Building. 2249, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing

If you are in Kyle, San Marcos, it will only take you 15 minutes to get to this cool spot. Here you will get to explore a beautiful exhibition of combat aircrafts that have now been restored and preserved in this history-packed location to commemorate all the great aircrafts that flew in defense of the great nation of America.

If you are a lover of history and war history to be precise, this is a must-visit location whenever you are in Texas, San Marcos. You are allowed to take rides in these historic jets, so if that’s something that would interest you, remember to book a flight in advance.  It is also a great spot for photography.

#5. Middleton Brewing: 607 SE Everett Mall Way Suite 27-A, Everett, WA 98208, USA

Middleton Brewing

Middleton Brewing provides you with an inviting, entertaining atmosphere and a reason to visit San Marcos, TX. It is one of the best places in San Marcos, where you can go for a chill, laid back experience and still have fun. They brew their own beer and provide a wide range of ciders and wines. Their restaurant provides world class food and service, and they are open from Thursday to Sunday.

Here you can also enjoy great shows: review their Music & Events page on their websites to check out their performance calendar. The urinals at this spot are unique and add to the overall great atmosphere and feel of the place. Middleton Brewing Is quite close to The Marc, so you can check out both spots.

#6. Texas State Tubes: 2024 N Old Bastrop Hwy, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Texas State Tubes

You can enjoy a beautiful and thrilling experience with the Texas State Tubes, which is located down the San Marcos River. It is approximately 10 minutes from the East of San Marcos. If you are in Austin, it is located roughly 35 minutes your South. Texas State Tubes is always open on Saturdays especially in the summer.

If you are looking for fun things to do in San Marcos, it officially reopened on March 10th and will remain open through the Last Saturday of September. If you like you can pre-book online, but it is also okay to walk up to the venue and do your booking physically. Visit this fun-filled spot with your family and friends, You can never be too overcrowded at the Texas State Tubes.

#7. Bobcat Stadium: 1 Bobcat Cir, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA

Bobcat Stadium

Located within Montana State University, Bobcat Stadium boasts among the top college football stadiums within the United States. It has an overall capacity of over 30,000. So if you are into football, Pick one or consecutive Fall Saturdays and join the rest of us in cheering for the Bobcat Football team. 

Come out in your Maroon and Gold jersey, and let’s cheer this amazing team to victory. The stadium hosts so many other events including men’s golf, baseball, softball, women’s tennis, and many more. Check out their events calendar to keep track of their schedule.

#8. Paddle SMTX: 555 Cheatham St, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Paddle SMTX

You probably have attended kayaking tours before, but none like this one: it is one of the finest experiences you can have while in San Marcos. Paddle SMTX is the ultimate go-to outfitter for kayaking experiences and that paddle board rental you have been fantasizing over all year.

It is finally time; and the place is Paddle SMTX! The experience is out of this world! Their kayaks are all fitted with waterproof LED lights that give an amazing glowing spectacle in the dark of the night. The Crystal Kayak Glow Night is Paddle SMTX’s most popular tour, and you should not miss out on this mind-blowing experience. Besides, the tours are good for all age-groups. Visit with your family and kids and create beautiful memories together.

#9. The Longhorn Racing Academy: 2840 Harris Hill Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

The Longhorn Racing Academy

The Longhorn Racing Academy offers you one of the top fun things to do in San Marcos, Texas. They have a trail of top-notch, luxury speed cars that they give you access to and permission to drive. Take your dream car for a spin on the race track without any pace or speed limits.

You do not need any experience to hop on to their latest Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or any car you choose. They offer classroom sessions, helmet rentals, and in-car instructions. It is also a high geared driving school that’s anchored on providing training related to  car control and high-speed driving skills. Book your adventure here.

#10. The Marc:120 E San Antonio St, San Marcos, TX 78666-5509

The Marc

The Marc is a great place to have fun, and it hosts some of the best and most beautiful vistas in San Marcos. It is a total lifestyle package for visitors. The space offers ambience and an integration of nature, education, culture, thrill, recreation, restaurant culture and much more. If you are visiting San Marcos, your tour cannot be complete without a visit to the Marc.

Book their luxury apartments and enjoy good times that never come to an end. They offer the best prices especially considering their top-notch acoustics to pair with the live music shows. There are three bars within the facility, two downstairs and the other upstairs.

You can never go wrong with this spot. Make sure to book in advance and report early. The place tends to get really packed and you don’t want to wait in the long queues for your chance to get in.                                                                                                                        

#11. Silo Gallery & Glass Studios: 7990 Ranch Road 12 At 100 Oakwood Loop, Across from Middleton Brewery, San Marcos, TX 78666-1732

Silo Gallery Studio

This is exactly the place for all art lovers! You do not have to be on tour to visit this beauty. You can always stop by on your way to Wimberley and experience art from new artists every time. Remember, they remain closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so when planning a visit remember this helpful detail.

The studio is barely 5 miles from Wimberley, and other than tours, they offer art classes and a 3D fine art gallery, with the best gifts for literally anyone. You can collect sculpture, jewelry, fused and cast glass pieces to display around your home.

#12. Patio Dolcetto:322 Cheatham St, San Marcos, TX 78666-6912

Patio Dolcetto

This is a place where you can enjoy a chill, laid back experience while enjoying good food and drinks. They have a wide array of drinks including cocktails, ciders, martinis, wines, craft beers, and so much more. Join the crowd in this beautiful location to eat, share, relax, and enjoy.

Their tapas-style menu, impeccable happy-hour, and live music will definitely impress you and offer you a bunch of things to do in San Marcos. You will find other great options for restaurants near Patio Dolcetto including the City Bakery, Rogelio’s Restaurant, Black’s Barbecue San Marcos, and Garcia’s Mexican Food Restaurant, among others.

#13. Two P’s & Calli’s Boutique:690 Center Point Rd Ste 205, San Marcos, TX 78666-6163

Shopping is definitely a must do whenever you are in San Marcos. The city has over 220 stores that offer the biggest brands and designer products throughout the Central of the United States. Some of the best brands you can find here include Bally, Brahmin, CH Carolina Herrera, Citizen, Clarins, Dooney & Bourke, Etro, Gucci, Invicta, Jimmy Choo, Lafayette 148 New York, MCM, Prada, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, Versace, Vince, West Elm, and Williams-Sonoma.

One of these stores is the Two P’s & Calli’s Boutique, and they aim to make your shopping experience wonderful and give you every reason to shop with them. They offer a wide variety of shopping options, starting from jewelry, to shoes and housewares accessories, fashion, and even furniture.

You can never go wrong while shopping at the Two P’s & Calli’s Boutique because they aim to make your shopping experience as wonderful as you are beautiful. Do not leave a visit to this spot out of your list of things to do in San Marcos, Tx whenever you visit. Thank me later.

#14. Putt Pub: 307 S Lbj Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666-6318

Putt Pub

San Marcos is filled with cool spots for all sorts of things. The Putt Pub is a local eatery that offers you a wide range of food options from home-made treats to freshly made cuisines; they easily fuel your evening excursion. They have two full bars, food trucks, both indoor and outdoor seating, and an 18-hole miniature golf course.

Looking for a great experience in San Marcos? Visit the Putt Pub and enjoy their fun golf course, whose obstacles have been amped up to the next level. The spot gives an air of fun and good vibes. You can easily access The Square, which is a few blocks away, and the Texas State University Campus from Putt Pub.

#15. The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment: 211 San Marcos Springs Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

You cannot miss out on this breath-taking scenery, especially if you are an aquatic lover! Other than getting to enjoy the tour around Spring Lake, you get to learn so much about aquatic life and the habitat. You are sure to be impressed by the diversity of marine life especially when you interact with San Marcos’ native fish,  alligators, turtles, waterfowls, prawns, and all the different threatened species.

It is important to note that the center was mainly designed for research purposes and to support healthy ecosystems by managing Spring Lake. As such, while you should definitely visit the attraction site, remember to observe the rules provided by the guides. 

#16. Thai Thai Cafe: 829 N Lbj Dr Ste 101, San Marcos, TX 78666-4656

Thai Thai Cafe

The mixture of different cultures and lifestyles creates a beautiful range of flavors in each of San Marcos’ tables. Whenever you are in the locale, try and soak up some of that local artistry and spirit while enjoying a perfectly blended cup of Joe. The Thai Thai Café is just the place for you.

Put it on your to-do list for your next visit to San Marcos and enjoy the breath-taking rooftop view with a burger in your hand and an adult drink in the other. Their wide variety of options will ensure you find exactly the thing you crave, and there’s no better way to spend your holiday than on a full belly. Everything becomes much more enjoyable.

#17. Cheatham Street Warehouse: 119 Cheatham St, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Cheatham Street Warehouse

This is just the place to be whenever you are in San Marcos. It has that historical charm and a great musical reverence. If you are a music lover, then Cheatham Street Warehouse is paradise for you. The place has helped to hone the skills of many great musicians including George Strait, Shelley King, Randy Rogers, John Arthur Martinez, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slaid Cleaves, Todd Snider, and Terri Hendrix, to mention a few. The joint opens every day from 4pm to 2am; it is perfect for the night owls. Don’t pass it by; join the crowd and enjoy their craftsmanship as they develop and nurture new talents.

#18. Wimberley Glassworks: 6469 Ranch Rd 12, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Wimberley Glassworks

All the art lovers in the house come on over here, because it is finally your turn! Wimberly Glassworks is the place to be! It is extremely magical! You will get to experience so much fun and mind-blowing glass art works and lighting pieces. The gallery presents to you with world-class creativity.

They use pure silver and gold to help create exceptional luminosity and color vibrancy in each of their works. Each piece in the gallery is proof of the great craftsmanship and unique talent of the gallery’s team of artisans. These artworks give you a real reason to visit San Marcos, if just to experience these century-old techniques and have them blow your mind.

#19. LBJ Museum: 2313 Red River St, Austin, TX 78705, USA

LBJ Museum

This museum, in San Marcos TX, preserves the legacy of the 36th president of the United States of America, Lyndon B. Johnson. It does so by concentrating on the years he spent at the now Texas State University, (which was known as Southwest Texas State Teachers College at the time). this museum also pays attention to his teaching experience within South Texas and the impact he had influencing the development of landmark legislation in civil rights and education.

It opens your eyes to understand the very fiber that has helped develop the United States into the giant it is today. Visit the LBJ Museum today and enjoy learning more of American;s history in this presidential library.

#20. Mermaid March

Mermaid March

The Mermaid march is one of the most thrilling experiences in San Marcos mainly because it is a one-of-a-kind thing to do while in the area. Each of the mermaids has a different texture and color theme to tell a distinct story, so you can never get enough of these mermaids as you move from one to the next.

Besides, each of them provide the viewers with a great artistic experience as they all represent a different form of artistry. As you listen to the tour guide and the many local folk tales, you will actively interact with San Marcos’ culture as well as the thing that each of the mermaid statues represents.

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