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How To Choose The Best Inversion Table For Your Back Pain?

How To Choose The Best Inversion Table For Your Back Pain?

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What is an inversion table?

I am certain that you’re waiting with bated breath to know the answer to what is an inversion table? Well, this refers to a working out tool used to exercise the back muscles, quad muscles, and the spinal cord.

It’s particularly preferred by patients suffering from conditions such as spinal injury and back pain.

How to choose the best inversion table for your back pain?

Are you budgeting for an inversion table? I would advise you to take your time to buy the best tool possible. Read the below factor considerations while choosing a table:

1. Table’s features

Let me say it as it is you can’t afford to pay any heed to the features of an inversion table. Remember that these features play a crucial role in helping you benefit from this tool.

Some of the most paramount features include:

  • Ankle lock system
  • Headrest
  • Lumbar pad

2. Easy To Assemble

It’s common sense that an inversion table will require to be assembled. However, you must go further and evaluate the ease of assembling it. As hard as it may be to admit it, some of these tools are quite sophisticated.

Don’t be surprised if you spend hours on end trying to set up this device. To avoid this, it’s much better to choose an easy-to-assemble inversion table.

3. Warranty

In all frankness, most high-quality invertible tables cost an arm and a leg. The easiest way to tell whether a brand is confident in its invertible tables is to check the warranty. The longer the warranty, the better the product is for you.

4. Customer Support

The research will help you as a customer to make a brilliant decision. One smart research tip is to check out customer reviews and ratings. It won’t hurt to check out both success stories and complaints.

You have no reason to buy a poorly-rated inversion table. Things have changed in your favor as more investors have ventured into inversion table manufacturing.

Why use an invertible table?

Fascinatingly, an inversion table guarantees numerous health benefits. Take this opportunity to dig into the demonstrated pros of using this powerful tool.

1. Help to relieve the stress

Daily physical activities such as exercises tend to trigger body misalignments. Unfortunately, all this contributes to sharp migraine and muscle tension. That worsens one’s stress levels big time.

Breathe easily, as using an inversion table can help the body assume a healthy posture. In addition, using this tool is known to reduce muscle tension significantly. Research shows that using an inversion table can reduce muscle tension and discomfort by 35 %.

2. Sureshot remedies for back pain

Orthopedists are among the health specialists that recommend the use of an inversion table. That insinuates that this tool may help to relieve back pain and other such-like conditions. How does inversion therapy cure back pain?

I hate to say this, but your back health will only improve if you use the best inversion table. Therefore, take your time when buying this tool to settle for the right product.

3. Enhances spinal health

Health research reveals that back pain stems from inappropriate spinal alignment. Deep tissue massage and inversion therapy are the surest ways to realign your spines.

However, that isn’t to downplay the huge role medication such as ibuprofen and Aleve play. They mainly reduce pain but do not offer a long-term solution.

4. Enhances brain function

Inversion therapy facilitates blood circulation to the brain. Consequently, brain cells receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients. As anyone would expect, brain cells weaken and ultimately die if they fail to receive enough oxygen.

Disadvantages Of Inversion Table

It’s public knowledge that inversion tables are incredibly beneficial to humanity. However, we cannot turn a blind to the undeniable fact that this tool has a few cons.

Let us put some of these disadvantages to the test.

A. May cause pregnancy complications

Inversion therapy is likely to cause uterine inversion among pregnant women. In many instances, this may trigger excessive bleeding that ultimately leads to a miscarriage.

To avoid this eventuality, it’s brilliant to avoid this form of therapy until you deliver your child. Please consider getting a professional massage instead for the good of both you and your unborn baby.

B. Slows down your heart rate

Excessive inversion therapy has direr side effects than you imagined. Take, for example, it slows down your heart rate immensely.

Bradycardia manifests through symptoms like:

  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Constant fainting
  • Sharp chest pain

C. May cause high blood pressure

Do not use an invertible table for more than 20 minutes lest your blood pressure spirals out of control. You’d rather increase how often you do inversion therapy than do it for an extended time.

A human being’s normal blood pressure is 120 per 800 mmHg. However, if you overuse this tool, it’s likely to increase sharply.

D. May exacerbate your knee arthritis

Are you suffering from either hip or knee arthritis? You must not use an inversion table particularly if you suffer from knee arthritis. You should only resort to using this device if your rheumatologists advise you to use it.

Myths About Inversion Therapy

Pessimists are among the people on the frontline in preaching against the use of an inversion table. The unfortunate bit is that all their arguments are both baseless and subjective.

I see this as an ideal opportunity to point out some of these farcical misconceptions.

– Inversion therapy causes death

Fear mongers warn people against trying inversion under the pretext that they might die. Although remaining in an upside position isn’t healthy, it’s not that deadly. It can only trigger death if you do so for an unreasonable duration (30 minutes or longer).

Therefore, do not allow anybody to talk you out of this form of therapy, especially if you have back-related issues. Besides, they say too much of anything is poisonous. That implies that this therapy is beneficial as long as it’s done for between 15-20 minutes.

– Doctors warn against the use of an inversion table

Unfortunately, this is the most common myth that naysayers peddle the most. The reality though is that neurosurgeons, orthopedics, and neurologists support inversion therapy.

In the same vein, these health specialists agree that this therapy must be done in moderation.

– Inversion therapy is recommendable to glaucoma patients

Ophthalmologists (Glaucoma health experts) persuade against inversion therapy for their patients. Bear in mind that spinal traction causes the increased blood circulation in the head, including the eyes.

By virtue of that, it triggers increased blood pressure in the eye’s blood vessels. That’s why you shouldn’t undergo this form of therapy if you have glaucoma.

– Inversion therapy helps to lower blood pressure

The gospel truth is that inversion therapy increases blood pressure not the other way round. Oftentimes, the heartbeat slows and blood pressure goes up vastly when you remain in an inverted position for a long time.

– Improves vision

This is a blatant lie as inversion traction actually causes blurred vision. Plaintively, remaining in an upside-down position for too long triggers a blood rush to all parts of the head including the eyes.

Too much blood exerts fulsome pressure on the eye blood vessels. That being the case, your eyes do not function as they should. Therefore, please do not perform this therapy for more than 20 minutes.

Best 5 Inversion Tables To Look Out

1. Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table



  1. Removable headrest
  2. Both the headrest and backrest are made of memory foam
  3. Tough steel frame
  4. Can hold up to 250 pounds (113.40 Kilograms)
  5. An adjustable and soft support pad
  6. Measures 38 inches by 16 inches by 1.5 inches
  7. Each inversion table weighs 21 Kilograms (46 Pounds)
  8. Available colors include: Black & Blue, Black & Red, and Black & Gray


  • Sincerely speaking, the price of the Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table varies depending on the store or dealer. For instance, you can get this table from Amazon for between $99.74 – $105.55 (as of May 2022).

Why Buy Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table?

A good inversion table must warrant the safety and comfort of all the body parts. The Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table has proven to be the best table as it has all these safety features.

The fact that most of these features are adjustable makes this tool irresistible.


  • Comfortable backrest
  • Comfy headrest
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers incredible ankle support


  • Unsuitable for you if you’re 6 ft. tall

Where To Buy Body Vision Deluxe Inversion Table

2. Innova Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table

Innova Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table

Photo Credit – Ubuy


  1. Incredible weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 Kilograms)
  2. Features restful backrest and headrest
  3. Has a protective cover to safeguard the customers
  4. Weighs 58 lbs (26.31 Kilograms)
  5. Its dimensions are 46 inches by 28 inches by 63 inches.


  • At present, an Innova Advanced Heat & Massage inversion table is up for sale at $149.97 on Walmart (As of May 2022).

Why Buy Innova Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table?

Would you like to get a deep lower back massage? It’s about time you bought the Innova Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table. It features a lumber pad that gently massages your lower back as you perform an inversion therapy.


  • Stores such as Amazon offers a 12-month warranty
  • Perfect for exercise and fitness
  • Guarantees extended back relief


  • May no warrant pain relief.

Where To Buy Innova Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table

3. IRONMAN High Weight Capacity Inversion Table



  1. Height is adjustable
  2. Can invert up to 180 degrees
  3. Cozy Ankle cushions
  4. Made of memory foam
  5. High weight capacity of 350 lbs (158.8 KGS).
  6. The comfy Lumbar pillow is removable
  7. Has an anti-skid floor stabilizer
  8. Its measurements are 49 inches by 26 inches by 65 inches (L x W x H Respectively)


  • The IRONMAN High Weight Capacity Inversion Table is going for $225.70 right now (as of May 2022).

Why Buy IRONMAN High Weight Capacity Inversion Table?

It’s important to use a stable inversion table lest your work turns tragic. Fortunately, the IRONMAN High Weight Capacity inversion table is fabulously stable.

Additionally, unlike most tools, the IRONMAN table has an imposing weight capacity of 300 pounds.


  • Triggers blood circulation
  • Its rubber foot stabilizer is tough and non-slip
  • 12-months product warranty
  • Easy to fold for storage purposes


  • Too heavy hence not portable

Where To Buy IRONMAN High Weight Capacity Inversion Table

4. Exerpeutic Inversion Table



  1. Measures 64 inches by 56.6 inches by 26.5 inches
  2. Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds (113.40 Kilograms)
  3. A user must have a height of between 145 to 198.10 centimeters
  4. Features ankle holders
  5. Weighs 29.211 Kilograms


  • The exerpeutic Inversion Table’s price ranges from $251.17 to $ 374.98 (as of May 2022).

Why Buy Exerpeutic Inversion Table?

In most cases, you probably aren’t comfortable while at work, maybe because of the furniture there. An improper posture gradually misaligns the spine; hence stimulating health problems such as back pain.

The great tidings are that the Exerpeutic inversion table has the best lumbar support system. On top of that, this tool has cozy ankle holders.


  • The package comes with a comprehensive user manual
  • Has a lock system for safety reasons
  • The rear crossbar can be adjusted accordingly
  • Highly stable
  • It’s multicolored
  • Foldable for storage
  • Product warranty of 12 months (1 year)


  • Unavailable in most inversion table stores

Where To Buy Exerpeutic Inversion Table

5. Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table



  1. A user’s height must range between 142.20 to 198.12 centimeters
  2. Its dimensions are 68 inches by 27.5 inches by 27.50 inches
  3. Highest Weight Capacity of 300 pounds (136 Kilograms)
  4. Long product warranty (5 years)
  5. Weighs 39 Kilograms (85.98 pounds)
  6. Exists in specific colors: blue and gray
  7. Made of stainless steel


  • The Teeter FitSpine X3 inversion table is on the market right now for $469 on Walmart (as of May 2022).

Why Buy Teeter FitSpine X3?

You shouldn’t compromise on your safety when buying an inversion table. You’re in luck as the Teeter FitSpine X3 has all imaginable safety features. For example, it has an ankle lock handle to keep your ankles in a comfortable position as you exercise.


  • Ideal for anyone suffering from back pain
  • Guarantees one’s ankle comfort
  • Each customer gets a reasonable warranty
  • Perfect for scoliosis patients


  • May not fully stretch your lower back
  • Risky to use especially after undergoing back surgery

Where To Buy Teeter FitSpine X3

My Last Words

As I end this blog, I hope I’ve persuaded you enough to purchase the best inversion table. It’s beyond doubt that this device warrants diverse health benefits. Therefore do not hold back anymore, order any of the top 5 inversion tables discussed before from a trustworthy store, namely Amazon, Walmart, or PowerSport.


1. How long should I use an inversion table?

Frankly, most people don’t know how long to use an inversion table. Experts advise that you exercise with an inversion table for between 15 to 20. Further, you shouldn’t use this workout tool more than twice daily.

2. Are there any proven risks of using an inversion table?

Yes, there are! Unfortunately, inversion therapy may worsen specific health conditions such as hypertension. Please note that your blood pressure is bound to increase, when you assume an inverted position, as gravity imposes more pressure on the arteries and veins.

Therefore, you should consider trying out other forms of exercise. Inversion therapy exercises such as headstands and shoulder stands are dangerous if you’re hypertensive.

3. I am planning to buy an inversion table at the end of the month. What factors should I bear in my mind before buying it?

Don’t be quick to purchase an inversion table as you may make a costly error. I advise you to take your time to consider a few factors.

Here are the top factors you need to consider:

  1. Certification: a customer must find out if the table has a third-party certification. In most countries, government regulations force inversion table dealers to get a third-party certification. It acts as proof that the table meets all the stipulated manufacturing and safety standards.
  2. Prices: High-quality inversion tables range from $150 to $650.I know it’s tempting but you must avoid any inversion table that will be below $150.Chances are that such a table is substandard.
  3. Features: good inversion table manufacturers add crucial features such as an ankle system, and lumbar support to help relieve back pain. Because of this: it’s prudent to look over these features first.

4. Is it important to consider product warranty when purchasing an inversion table?

Yes, it is! More often than not, high-quality inversion tables have a product warranty of between 3-5 years. Any inversion table brand that offers a lower warranty shows that they aren’t confident in their own products.

Be smart and choose the best inversion table based on the product warranty information.

5. Can anybody use an inversion table?

No, they can’t! Perhaps you’re meditating on who shouldn’t use an inversion table. Health experts forbid specific patients not to use this workout tool for health reasons.

Kindly do not use an inversion table if you have any of the following health conditions.

  • Glaucoma
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Spinal Injury
  • Blood circulation disorder
  • Osteoporosis
  • Conjunctivitis

6. Why do some doctors discourage inversion therapy?

Sad to say, inversion therapy may gradually trigger high blood pressure. Similarly, this form of therapy is known to trigger bradycardia (low heart rate). That’s why you may experience shortness of breath, fatigue, and dizziness when you undergo inversion therapy for a while.

7. I have been experiencing excruciating back pain for 3 months now. Will inversion therapy relieve my pain?

Yes, it will! As you may know, this exercise involves suspending your body upside down to relieve the stress on your back. Further, this physical therapy mildly stretches the spine and increases the gap between the vertebrae.

8. Are there any scientifically proven benefits of using an inversion table?

Yes, there are! The most undeniable pros include:

  • Improved shock absorption: inversion exercise remoistens the discs. Aside from that, this form of workout allows more nutrients to reach these discs. In view of all this, your discs can absorb more shock.
  • Eases muscles: having tense muscles for a long sharply raises the risk of hypertension. Luckily, using this type of table can help relax all tense muscles. Whenever you use an inversion table, blood circulates to all the sore muscles hence lowering all the toxins therein.

9. Should I do inversion traction under the guidance of a physical therapist?

Yes, you should! An expert will guide you through this therapy to make the most of it. Firstly, the expert will help you assume the right inversion angle. Secondly, he or she will help you avoid over-extending the therapy session as it may be catastrophic.

Lastly, trust me when I say that you need someone to get you back up. You should never remain in that upside-down position for too long unless you’re on a suicide mission.

10 I don’t know how to use an inversion table. Would you mind guiding me on how to use this device?

No, I don’t mind at all! I understand that most people don’t really know how to use an inversion table. The fact that most inversion tool manufacturers don’t guide their customers on the same, makes the matter worse.

First and foremost you’ll have to make the necessary height adjustment. Please refer to the height specifications first before you purchase this tool. Further, adjust your preferred inversion degree wisely.

Are you a fitness beginner? The cleverest thing to do is to adjust it a little to between 45-60 degrees. Thirdly, stand straight with your back lying directly on the table while you position your feet on the cozy footrests.

Take a deep breath and start the workout in earnest. I intrepidly reassure you that you won’t feel comfortable being in that position particularly if you’re a beginner.


Rachel Hammond

Professional Blogger