Big Sur Camping Guide: 11 Best Places For Camping In 2022

Big Sur Camping Guide: 11 Best Places For Camping In 2022

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Big Sur Camping Guide

If you’ve ever visited any beaches, you can attest to the fact that they can be too overcrowded. Luckily for you, Big Sur Camping offers a much less crowded recreational area for fun-filled activities. Whether you opt to go to Big Sur for camping, hiking, or swimming in winter or spring, you’ll have so much fun.

Top 11 Big Sur Camping Destinations for You

1. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Image Credit-PlanetWare

Pfeiffer Big Sur State is among the Biggest State Parks in California as it covers over 1000 acres. This expansive park is located in Monterey County, in CA. The park has multiple features like red gloves and the famous Pfeiffer falls.

This state park comprises of different tree species such as:

A)    Cottonwoods

B)    Sycamores

C)    Redwood Trees

D)    Live Oaks

E)    Maples

Interestingly, most of these mature trees have an average height of 200 feet. Feel free to hike around the famed park via the massive Redwood trees. Apart from that, you can go sightseeing near McWays Falls and take as many photos as you like.

You’re at liberty to book any of these restaurants there, such as Deetjen, Nepenthe, or Big Sur Taphouse Restaurants. The coin-operated stores and showers will blow your mind. Today, the management will only charge you a maximum fee of $50 to camp there each night.

How To Book Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park?

Would you like to visit Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park? Well, go to and search Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Thereafter, you should click the ‘ReserveCalifornia’ link to make your booking.

Alternatively, you can reach the reservation team on the freephone at +1-800-444-7275. The good news is that this reservation number is 24-hours every day. You can use the same phone number if you have any queries.

2. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Image Credit-California Beaches

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is a 3760 acres long state park situated in California, United States. Fascinatingly, this park is close to the 24meter tall McWays Falls. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy seeing the 90-meter-tall redwood trees in this massive state park.

Visitors are free to visit the 2 camping areas designated in this park. Nobody will stop you from scuba diving into the wide Pacific Ocean. Thereafter, you can eat the most sumptuous meal in your life in hotels like Sierra Mar, The Sur House, or Café Kevah.

Please ensure you call +1-800-444-7275 to book a reservation in time.

How To Reserve Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park?

Both local and international travelers can visit to book a reservation. Kindly check availability first before you proceed with the booking process. You have the liberty to pay applicable fees online or at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park office.

Another option is to dial 831-667-1112 or +1-800-444-7275 to ask the reservation agent to book a reservation for you.

3. Treebones Resort

Image Credit-Visit California

Treebones Resort welcomes visitors of 13 years and over for Big Sur Camping. Visitors enjoy unique amenities like a pool, massage centers, and a hot tub. Apart from that, you’re allowed to watch the whales in the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Each visitor who books at the front desk is entitled to timely meals. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or supper, the staff will serve at the stipulated time. Later on, you can visit Wild Coast Sushi Bar for a refreshing glass of alcohol.

How To Book Treebones Resort?

Kindly go to and navigate to the reservation section. Scroll down, and click the ‘reservations’ options down there. For example, click the ‘check room availability to book accommodation.

Better still, you can contact the booking team directly at +1-877-424-4787. A less convenient option is to submit your booking request by email;  

4. Kirk Creek Campground

Image Credit-Parks Management Company

Kirk Creek campground is a highly-rated facility with over 40 eye-catching campsites. Most visitors avoid visiting big sur due to harsh conditions, especially during winter. Thankfully, big sur weather in kirk creek campground is relatively favorable.

Here, tourists access unique facilities such as picnic tables, toilets, restaurants, and firewood. Tourists can participate in numerous activities like fishing, tent camping, and hiking. More often than not, the Kirk Creek Campground is overcrowded during summer. Therefore, we strongly advise you to go Camping Near Big Sur in either winter or autumn.

How To Book Kirk Creek Campground?

Make your reservation on within minutes. Upon getting to the webpage, navigate to the ‘Seasons & Booking’ and make your reservation. Kindly confirm room availability first then make your booking.

5. Point Lobos State Reserve

Image Credit- Travel in USA

Point Lobos State Reserve is the most spectacular big slur in California. Nothing will blow your mind more about this coastline than the white sand and the clear blue ocean water. You must visit China Love to have a clear glimpse of the ocean. Later, you should visit the famous Gibson Beach and sunbathe on this beautiful sandy beach. We encourage you to hike along the trail from Moss Cove to Bird Island and admire the impressive fauna and flora of this Big Sur State Park.

Today, Point Lobos state reserve’s management charges small stipends like parking fees. A passenger car will cost you a parking charge of $10.On the other hand, a car carrying senior citizens will only attract a $9 fee.

How To Reserve Point Lobos State Reserve?

Unfortunately, Point Lobos State Reserve doesn’t allow online bookings. The best way to make a reservation is to contact customer care at +1-831-624-4909. Please take note that the reservation office opens from 8:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm.

Alternately, you can contact customer service on Point Lobos State Reserve’s social media pages. Currently, the state park has social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Limekiln State Park

Image Credit-Hipcamp

Limekiln State Park is a prominent 288-Ha Park in Monterey County, CA. Today, this park has more than 30 camping sites for tourists. You have direct access to high-quality facilities such as showers, drinking water, and restrooms.

Hundreds of local and international visitors throng Limekiln State Park for fun-filled activities like fishing, sunbathing, and hiking. The management will charge each vehicle $10 to access this beautiful Big Sur State Park.

How To Reserve Limekiln State Park?

Feel at liberty to book on at your convenience. Click the ‘Reservations’ option to complete your reservation. If you experience a challenge, reach the booking team on +1-805-434-1996.

Additionally, tourists who want to access a standard campsite will have to cough up $35 a night. To access premium campsites, you’ll have to pay $50 per night.

7. Plaskett Creek Campground

Image Credit-California Beaches

Plaskett Creek Campground is a unique campsite situated in Monterey County. This special campground features 44 fascinating campsites. Aside from that, visitors can enjoy sceneries like the Jungle cabin and Jade Cove.

Plaskett Creek campground is located in the Los Padres National Forest. For this reason, you can see rare wildlife like raccoons and foxes. You’re lucky as the campground welcomes groups of more than 30 members.

How To Book Plaskett Creek Campground?

You should visit to make your booking. Once you get to this website, click the ‘Seasons & Booking’ option and select your preferred dates. Follow the subsequent on-screen instructions to complete your booking.

The good news is that the Plaskett Creek campground is just a stone’s throw away from Sand Dollar Beach. Therefore, nothing stops you from walking your dog on this beautiful coastal beach as you enjoy the ocean view.

8. Arroyo Seco Campground

Image Credit-Rover Pass

Arroyo Seco Campground is a beautiful park with 47 breathtaking campsites. This campground provides the best spot for activities such as; hunting, swimming, and hiking. Interestingly, this campsite is in the Los Padres national forest; hence providing a perfect hunting ground.

Travelers can access a wide range of amenities such as:

1. Toilets

2. Parking space

3. Picnic tables

4. Camping trailer

Arroyo Seco campground is on the path of the famous Arroyo Seco rivers. On average, the management charges between $30 to $125 per night on this campground. Apart from that, you’ll have to cough up a parking fee of $10 per car.

How To Book Arroyo Seco Campground?

Any traveler can book a reservation on any time of the day or night. You’ll need to go to the ‘Seasons & Booking’ section. Please dutifully follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete your booking.

9. Ventana Campground

Image Credit-TripAdvisor

Ventana Campground is a 40-acre creek with unmatched natural beauty. Currently, this campground accommodates tents only. All travelers have equal access to amenities such as bathhouses, picnic tables, and a fireplace.

Here, you’ll get a rare opportunity to see the famous redwood trees. This tree species has an estimated year of existence of 1400. The craziest fun fact is that each redwood can grow to an impressive height of 350 feet.

Ventana campground’s management permits travelers to bring along their pets. However, you must ensure the dog or cat is quiet and always under your watch. Apart from that, we urge you to carry enough upkeep as Ventana sells firewood to their guests.

How To Book A Ventana Campground?

Go to to book a spot to visit Ventana Campground. Click the ‘Menu’ option and go for the ‘booking’ option. You’ll need to offer vital information such as:

1.    Dates

2.    Total guests

3.    Special rates

You can call the booking team if you encounter any challenges. Fortunately, you can complete your reservation at whatever time you please.

10. Andrew Molera State Park

Image Source-Afar Magazine

Andrew Molera State Park is a 4766 acres Big Sur State Park located in Monterey County in California. Here’s some good news, this state park has hiking trails that stretch to over 32 kilometers. Sightseers get a chance to watch magnificent falls such as the Highbridge, Limekiln, and McWay Falls.

Unfortunately, Andrew Molera State Park doesn’t welcome pets on this breathtaking campground. Travelers can take part in chucklesome activities like hiking, swimming, surfing, and wildlife watching.

That’s not all, you have the freedom to go boating or sunbathe at no additional charges. It’s more fun to visit Andrew Molera State Park during summer when the temperature is between 75 to 80 Fahrenheit.

How To Book Andrew Molera State Park?

If you’d like to visit Andrew Molera State Park on to book a reservation. After that, you should locate the reservations link under the ‘Reservations’ section. If that option doesn’t work, you can call +1-831-667-2315 to seek booking assistance.

11. San Simeon Creek Campground

Image Credit-The Dyrt

San Simeon Creek Campground is a large camp in California, US, with 134 campsites. Nowadays, the campground only allows vehicles of a length of not more than 35 feet. Each traveler will have to pay $35 to spend a night here. If you’d like to visit San Simeon Creek Campground for hiking, ensure you’re willing to part with $20.

You’ll love this: the campground features 115 top-class campsites. Additionally, you can access modern amenities like picnic tables, showers, and flush toilets. The park equally provides payphones to travelers if you need to call someone.

Feel free to visit San Simeon Creek Campground for blithesome activities like:

1. Bird watching

2. Fishing

3. Camping

4. Picnicking

How To Book San Simeon Creek Campground?

Please go to and scroll to the bottom of the web page. You need to select the ‘reservations’ option to proceed to the next steps. After that, you need to click the ‘Online Reservations’ option just below the camping in Big Sur and Lodging.

You’ll be redirected to to fill out your details. A better option is to call customer care representatives at +1-805-927-2070.

Top 6 Things To Do in Big Sur State Parks

The following are the top 6 “Things To Do In Big Sur, California

1. Surfing

Big Sur destinations such as the Plaskett Creek Campground support recreation activities like surfing. Tourists can enjoy endless surfing from the famous Sand Dollar Beach. It is especially much smoother when the ocean waves are mild.

2. Wildlife Watching

Surprisingly, some of the destinations offer a splendid spot for wildlife watching. For instance, you can see wild animals like foxes and bobcats in Plaskett Creek Campground. Some big sur destinations offer the best spots to watch whales in their natural habitat.

3. Swimming 

Hundreds of travelers visit these Big Slur parks to swim. The beautiful sandy coastline provides the best place to swim. Some of the most preferred swimming recreational grounds include Arroyo Seco and Plaskett Creek Campground.

4. Bird Watching

Big Sur State Parks’ travelers get to watch rare bird species like horned grebe, common loon, and pacific loon. Andrew Molera State Park and San Simeon Creek Campground top the list of the best State Parks for bird watching.

5. Whale Watching

Nothing is more thrilling than watching whales in their natural habitat. The good part is that you can watch these big mammals from a safe distance. It’s highly fulfilling to appreciate mother nature and what it has to offer.

You’re free to visit below state parks to watch whales.

  1. Point Lobos State Reserve
  2. Plaskett Creek Campground
  3. Pfeiffer Big Sur
  4. San Simeon Creek Campground

6. Hiking

Health experts understand the impressive health benefits of going for walks. However, a walk will only be worthwhile if you choose suitable hiking trails.

Here is the most favorable weather in Big Sur Parks for hiking.

  1. Plaskett Creek Campground
  2. Ventana Campground
  3. Limekiln State Park
  4. Arroyo Seco Campground
  5. Kirk Creek Campground


1. How Much Will I Pay To Access Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park’s Environmental Campsite?

Currently, the management charges each visitor $30 per night to access the environmental campsite. Kindly note that that doesn’t include other fees like parking and meals.

2. Am A Disabled Discount Pass Holder. How Much Will Big Sur State Park Charge Me?

All disabled discount pass holders only have to pay a reasonable fee of $5 to access a Big Sur State Park. Please pay this fee either at the park or when booking online.

3. Which Recreational Activities Can I Do At The Plaskett Creek Campground?

Plaskett Creek Campground has 44 campsites for its guests. Therefore, visitors can participate in activities like tent camping. Thanks to San Dollar Beach, you’re free to fish and or swim. However, if you’re more than 16 years, you’ll have to have a fishing permit.

Better still, you can go hiking on this semi-dense campground. It may interest you to know that Sand Dollar Beach provides the best point from which tourists can surf.

4. I’d Like To Take My Son For Camping. What’s The Most Kid-Friendly Big Sur Campground?

San Simeon Creek Campground is, undoubtedly, the most kid-friendly Big Sur State Park. Firstly, the state park has over 110 child-friendly campsites. Apart from that, the park has long hiking trails on which your sons can hike.

Kids above 5 but under 12 only pay an entrance fee of $15 to access San Simeon Creek Campground. On the contrary, adults above 16 years pay a meager entry fee of $30.The fact that San Simeon Creek Campground is highly safe makes it the best bet for your boys.

5. What Other Big Sur State Parks Can I Visit?

Today, there are multiple Big Sur destinations that local and international travelers can visit. Below are more Big Sur State Parks in the US that you can visit.

  1. Fernwood Campground
  2. Riverside Campground
  3. Washburn Campground

Final Thoughts

It’s not in doubt that Big Sur Camping Parks provides the most budget-friendly Camping in Big Sur option for traveling. Travelers can access multiple eye-catching sceneries in one affordable package. Apart from that, these parks provide luxurious and high-quality amenities to their guests.


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